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The planning phase is certainly an important stage of product creation. All the features and procedures for the realization of the final product are analyzed and planned at this stage, both in case of a complete equipment or of a new product that needs to be integrated in existing equipments.
Functionality, reliability, costs, material availability, these are only some of the aspects that are taken into consideration during the planning stage.
Projects are carried out both for the small and big industry, in the field of the industrial and electro-medical automation, with analogic and/or digital electronics.
Electrical diagram realization.
Electrical diagrams are carried out on computer support schemes, in order to automatically create the printed circuit and the list of components.
Upon request, personalized stores of components are used.
Electrical diagrams are then exported into the most common visualization formats (pdf, doc, xls) for equipment technical documentation.
Reverse engineering of electronic cards supplied by the customer are also carried out.
Master disentaglement.
Master disentaglement is carried out on the base of the electrical diagram, to create gerber files, that allow the realization of printed circuits (PCB).
The applied technology allow the creation of printed circuits with the following features:
  • single-layer
  • multi-layer (up to 16 layers)
  • PTH components (single-layer and/or double-layer assembly)
  • SMD components SMD (single-layer and/or double-layer assembly)
Disentanglement is carried out according to the circuit features, so as to avoid noises and/or signal interferences, be it an electronic circuit of the analogic, digital, power supply or radio-frequency type.
This procedure reduces or eliminates the need to carry out a proto-type of the product, which is instead meant for testing and/or refinement.
Proto-type realization.
If necessary, in order to test and refine the equipment before selling it, proto-types are carrieed out, both with PTH and SMD components.
Electronic card assembly and testing.
Once production has been started, electronic card (equipment) assembly and testing is carried out.
If necessary, dedicated testing boards are provided, in order to test every single card (equipment) section of the card.
The project is completed with a product certification.
Beyond the necessary documents (technical manual, instruction manual), upon request, help is given to customers who want to obtain certifications (low tension conformity, electromagnetic compatibility, medical equipments, machine directories, measure instruments, ....).
Similar documents are provided also in case of already existing projects, for which certification is desired.

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